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I feel the greatest positive impact on the world occurs through collaborative action. The ripple effect of collaborative action begins with you.


Early in my professional career, I could feel the divide in the workplace between young and experienced generations. It brought delayed results, tension among employees, frustrated leadership, and high turnover rates, especially among the younger generations.

Bearing witness and feeling the direct impact of the generational divides within the industries of retail, corporate leadership, public services, business services, and educational centers I made the break from being a witness to the problem to creating the solutions.

Now, every time I experience multiple generations gain common ground where they can communicate effectively with one another and are able to move towards accomplishing company goals I know that a positive ripple effect has occurred within the organization and to those they serve.

I remember doing training for the leadership team at Anadarko's Oil & Gas Denver Headquarters and seeing the transformation the occurred with each leader. At the beginning of the training, they were unsure how to lead multiple generations within their respected departments. When training ended they all knew exactly how to communicate, lead team meetings to be faster and produce results sooner than ever before. 

One leader at Anadarko that stood out to me came up at the end of the training and was so excited to implement the Fast Trax program with his team because he knew it was the missing key to getting his whole team on the same page and gain results through easier methods than he originally thought.

So often after a speech, training, or consulting contract I'm blown away with the number of people that approach me after the fact feeling great empowerment, excitement, and comradery that occurs within each leader, generation, and the team spirit as a whole. 

The impact is almost immediate and has lasting effects within the company. That's when I know that a positive impact has occurred in the lives of the company and it will create a ripple effect to the customers and clients that they serve. 

Together we can bring the workplace into an energetic frequency which will bring about residual results so that the world can be a better place.





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Leadership & Generational Expert

Author of the published book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan for Success, an international public speaker, cross-generational workplace and talent management corporate consultant, trainer, and an Adjunct Professor in Executive Education at University of Denver Daniel’s School for Business.

Featured in media on cross-generations in the workplace and modern generational leadership including Inc. Magazine,, 9News, TED magazine, and a large variety of interviews on a variety of podcasts and live shows.

She has helped medium to large businesses in cross-generational leadership and talent management from Express Employment Pros franchise owners to Anadarko Oil & Gas.


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